Perry's Cleaners - Garland, Texas

2 Convenient Locations
in Garland, Texas!

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Best Dry Cleaners - Garland, Texas

Complete Dry Cleaning and
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Perry's Cleaners Works Hard
To Make You Look Good!

Perry's Cleaners - Garland, Texas

2 Convenient Locations
in Garland, Texas!

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Business Suit Dry Cleaning - Garland, Texas

Experts in Cleaning Formal Wear
and Evening Wear

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Everyone loves it when their clothes and other personal items look sharp and feel amazingly clean and comfortable. But trying to wash, fold, iron, and spend extra time dry cleaning and removing set-in stains at home is a chore most families and business profes-sionals don’t have time for. When you add in special occasions like weddings or an important job interview — where everything you wear must look perfect — quality and meticulous attention to detail are important.

Rest assured that you have a local dry cleaning and laundry service nearby with a staff that is eager to help! With two convenient locations, family-owned and operated Perry’s Cleaners in Garland, TX prides itself on providing superior same-day dry cleaning and laundry services. And with our personal touch, you don’t have to add one more thing to the to-do list.

Trust us when we say your clothes have never looked this good!

Our Cleaning Services

Our list of dry cleaning and laundry services truly covers all your needs. With more than 40 years of industry experience under our belt, we can handle everything from kids’ clothes to men’s and women’s dry cleaning, alterations, touch-ups, household items such as blankets, bedspreads, comforters, and more. We want your trip to our store to be an easy, convenient, one-of-a-kind experience.


Making You Look Good

We work hard to make you look good for any special occasion, whether it’s for a wedding, silver anniversary, birthday party, im-portant business trip, or a special night out on the town with friends. We are your local dry cleaning and laundry service in cleaning formal wear and evening wear as well as jackets, sweaters, and other sensitive fabrics.


Our Attention To Quality

Just because we offer same-day dry cleaning and laundry services doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. At Perry’s, we combine the most innovative dry cleaning and laundry processes available with a hands-on, personal touch to ensure colors stay bright, garments are soft to the touch and stain-free, and everything is returned in perfect condition. Perfection isn’t our middle name — but it should be.


More Reasons to trust Perry’s Cleaners with your Laundry and Dry Cleaning

A Family Name You Can Trust

Perry’s Cleaners is owned and operated by two brothers. Together with their oldest brother, who is now retired, they have 40 years of experience owning several successful dry cleaning and laundry stores throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our Customers Don’t Leave

It means a lot to be able to say with confidence that we have a multi-generational relationship with many families in the Garland area and throughout DFW. Our clients can’t imagine entrusting their dry cleaning and laundry needs with anyone else.

Focused Attention To Quality

Beyond offering same-day dry cleaning and laundry services, which is not something many cleaners can say, we also press each item by hand and take our time to make sure everything looks right. Our staff inspects every garment.

Courteous and Friendly Service

Ask any of our customers, and they will rave about the attentive service and smiling faces each time they step inside our front door. Everyone deserves our absolute best, and our promise to you is that we will live by that motto every day.